Name:               Andy H
Nickname:        ‘None’
Origins:             Zuid Limburg
Role:                  Marksman
Function:           Webmaster, Administrator Social Media

Primary:             Well MB-05
Secondary:         Stark Arms G17
Other Replica’s: ICS M4, HPA Tipmann M4, Shotgun, CA SR25 DMR

Who is DL-04:

Well hello, i am Andy and playing Airsoft for 6 years now. In 2015 we found out that a few of the gamers where i played with former Dutchlionscommunity also played airsoft. This was the start of Dutch Lions Airsoft. Now i am playing in the team from the start.

I am still enjoying it and want to get the team to a higher level, so we are aiming for Mill-Sim events.

I started airsoft with a G&G M4 model, after not to long there also came a side arms the Stark Arms G17. within a year i expended my colletion to 5 replica’s, with a MB-05 and a shotgun and ICS M4.

Last year "2018" i bought my next replica. A Tippman M4 and build my MB-05 to CO2.

Well i think that was all.

Hope to see you somewhere on the field.